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Our clients are recording artists, composers, lyricists, librettists, directors, producers, playwrights, authors, creators of tv-formats and actors from all over the world. Many of them are the most successful representatives in their genre.

We provide advice to various media companies, such as record labels, stage producers, music publishers, film production companies, tv-stations, artist managements, book publishers, stage publishers, theatres.

Additionally we advise branded companies and advertising agencies in respect of sponsorship and testimonial agreements with national and international singers, actors, influencers and other celebrities and in respect of the booking of artists for gala performances.

We are specialized in the worldwide representation of rightholders (e.g. musicians, labels and actors) vis-à-vis societies collecting Neighbouring Rights.


Götz Kiso

Götz Kiso

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Education: Universities of Göttingen, Freiburg, Hamburg.

Götz Kiso commenced his career in the music- and entertainment industry in 1974 when he joined the Legal Department of PolyGram International in Hamburg where he specialised in multimedia-, entertainment- and copyright law.

In 1979 he became Legal Counsel to the music publishing group Intersong International and was appointed to the board of the German Music Publisher's Association becoming Chairman of the Legal Committee.

He was appointed Managing Director of Intersong GmbH in 1980, and following a takeover of this Company some time later, retained his position as Managing Director of Chappell/Intersong.

Götz Kiso's career in the music industry progressed further when in 1987, following a takeover of Chappell/Intersong by Warner Communications, he was promoted to the position of European President of Warner/Chappell.

In 1988 Götz Kiso returned to the PolyGramGroup as Managing Director of Polydor GmbH, which – under his directorship – has enjoyed its most successful growth period.

In 1998 Götz Kiso left Polydor and founded his own law firm.

Dr. Torsten Siefert

Dr. Torsten Siefert

Tel.: +49 (40) 415205 0 E-Mail.:

Fields of activity: Musical theatre, concerts, recorded music, music publishing, television, film, book

Clients: international and national artists, composers, lyricists, librettists, stage producers, theatres, stage publishers, directors, actors and investors in musical productions.

Dr. Siefert advised clients on several significant sales transactions of publishing companies, publishing catalogues and record companies, most recently the sale of Tina Turner´s music interests. more

Torsten Siefert advised Tina Turner on the development and worldwide roll-out of the musical "Tina - The Tina Turner Musical" and Udo Lindenberg on the development of the musical "Hinterm Horizont" (over 2 million visitors).

He has many years of national and international experience in all aspects of the music and entertainment industry, negotiation of recording license agreements, publishing agreements, film and TV contracts, concert and tour agreements, management agreements as well as sponsoring and testimonial agreements.

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Karsten Dropmann

Karsten Dropmann

Tel.: +49 (40) 415205 0 E-Mail.:

Karsten Dropmann has great experience in all aspects of the music industry including acting for national and international high-profile artists, songwriters and producers as well as independent record labels and publishers. He does further counsel clients in relation to the creation of new joint ventures with majors and independents and the sale and purchase of record companies / “Master-Rights” and music publishing catalogues.

He has also great expertise in the drafting and negotiation of concert- and touring agreements, sponsorship agreements, management agreements and some further music and media related work, including the representation of some big national and international brands in the field of music/entertainment.

In addition, Karsten Dropmann is highly specialized in the worldwide representation of rightholders (e.g. musicians, labels and actors) vis-à-vis societies collecting Neighbouring Rights.

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Bettina Strehl

Bettina Strehl

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Bettina Strehl is a specialist lawyer for copyright and media law. She is an expert in all areas of the music and entertainment industry, copyright, commercial and corporate law and advises individuals as well as companies nationally and internationally.

Bettina Strehl has been advising various, highly successful protagonists of the music, media and other entertainment industries for many years. Bettina Strehl drafts and negotiates common standard agreements as well as complex forms of cooperation and contract structures.

In the event of legal disputes Bettina Strehl also asserts your interests in court.

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